Promoting Jewish Identity


The European Jewish Fund, initiated by Moshe Kantor, is committed to strengthening Jewish identity. Its activities develop national pride and reinforce Jewish pride within communities.

The EJF highlights and celebrates Jewish individuals and their remarkable contributions to European and global society and culture.

Bringing Jewish Communities Together

The EJF is a unique platform for donors and community leaders to come together to discuss and analyse the needs of European Jews.

Annual EJF Advisory Council meetings foster dialogue between Jewish communities, with open exchanges of experience that produce cooperative solutions to shared challenges.

The EJF supports and welcomes proposals and action plans for communal projects, and regional and pan-European programmes.

It also initiates programmes of its own to address issues concerning specific communities, or European Jews as a whole.

These EJF activities help strengthen the relationship between Europe’s Jewish communities.

Holocaust Remembrance

The EJF is committed to promoting educational programmes that ensure the lessons and memory  of the Holocaust live on.