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Organization of Belarusian Jewish Organizations and Communities of Belarus

Leonid Levin

Leonid LEVIN was born in a Jewish family in the city of Minsk.
His father Mendel was a soldier at the World War II, received one order, four medals and three stripes for wounds. He died in 1969.

At 34 (in 1970) Leonid LEVIN was awarded the Lenin Prize for his Khatyn memorial, a monument to all the innocent people of Belarus who perished.

Leonid LEVIN began working as a professional architect at the MINSKPROEKT state institute and was given a perfect studio at the capital building.
The historical part of the town, the exhibition pavilion, the ministry of foreign affairs, metro stations, avenues and residential districts, a project of the detailed planning and construction of the centre of Minsk – all of these projects were blooming out of his creative energy.

In addition to KHATYN, he designed the YAMA monument to the Minsk ghetto, a monument to popular Belarusian poets Yanka KYPALA and Yakub KOLAS, the PRORYV monument to the Belarusian partisans, and monuments to soldiers who perished in Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Izum (Ukraine), Volgograd (Russia), and other locations.

However, for LEVIN the Jewish movement was a special assignment. He embarked on the reconstruction of the Jewish community. In 1991, the first republican congress of Jews elected him president. During his tenure, firmness of purpose, determination, straightforwardness and kindness have been his guiding principles.

Today Leonid LEVIN can be found in the courtrooms, where he defends the honour of the Jewish people, he also visits the hottest spots of Israel.